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Remember, in the US Virgin Islands - We Drive on the LEFT Hand Side of the Road

To really enjoy yourselves on St. John - we highly recommend that you rent a car for your villa vacation! Having your own rental car gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. This way you will be able to see and enjoy much more of St. John. When traveling to the US Virgin Islands, your foreign or U.S. driver's license is valid here for 90 days. 

You can either rent a vehicle directly from us (depending on availability) or a car on St. Thomas or St. John. The benefit from renting from us, is we will do all the paper work prior to your arrival. So when you arrive there is are no waiting in lines, the car is at your villa waiting for you and the keys are sitting on the credenza as you walk in the villa. Many guest like renting on St Thomas as you only handle your luggage once loading it into the car at the airport and unloading it at the Villa. It can also be fun driving across St. Thomas especially if you arrive early and have time before your 4:00 Check in. You can also buy provisions on St Thomas which has a larger selection and save you some money as well. On St. Thomas & St. John you drive on the left side of the road! St. Thomas is a much busier island and for the first time driver on the islands it can be a little daunting. St. John has much fewer roads and traffic.

Upon arrival you will have the option to have our Villa Escort will meet you in Cruz Bay, St. John., at either the passenger ferry dock or the car ferry dock, as applicable or for the seasoned traveler go directly to the villa whatever you prefer. 

If renting on St. John, take a taxi to Red Hook for the 20 minute ferry ride to St. John on the passenger ferry. The economics of renting on St. John vs St. Thomas are about equal considering ferry fees and taxi. 

If renting on St. Thomas, you will drive your rental car to Red Hook and take the Car Ferry to St. John. This will entail navigating St. Thomas in sometimes very heavy traffic. We highly recommend Amalie Car Rental for your arrival pleasure to start your vacation in Paradise without frustration. Amalie's service and attention to detail that they give their cars and customers and the convenience are worth it. Amalie will meet you at the airport with the car. You need not check in or be transported from the airport to an off-site property. They are ALL non-smoking cars. 

A less expensive option to Amalie‚Äôs Car Rental is renting from Avis, Budget or Dependable at the airport as they also allow their cars to travel to St john. However, their cars tend to be older and sometimes not ready when you're ready. Their service is not the same as it is state side. 

When renting on St. John and not from us, we recommend Piper's Jeeps. Top notch personal service and nice new cars.

Villas & Amenities

Shangri-La Villa


Chocolate Hole, St. John
5 Bedrooms/4.5 Baths, Sleeps 16 people


Chocolate Hole, St. John
6 Bedrooms/6 Baths, Sleeps 16 people
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa
Utopia Villa


Peter Bay, St. John
7 Bedrooms/7.5 Baths, Sleeps 16 people
Coconut Cottage


Chocolate Hole, St. John
1 Bedrooms/1 Baths, Sleeps 2 people

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